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Community Board

Our Community Board is Community Board 10.

Tip from their website:
If you see something; e.g. public urination/indecency – call 311 AND make sure you get a complaint number. If this persists then we can call CB10 for support but they need a 311 complaint number. 


We live on a block at the intersection of 3 bordering police precincts:

28th Precinct on the south side of the block, (212) 678-1611

32nd Precinct on the north side of the block, (212) 690-6311

25th Precinct east of Fifth Avenue, (212) 860-6511

Follow our precincts on Twitter @NYPD28pct @NYPD32pct @NYPD25pct
Reach out to Neighborhood Coordination/Community Affairs Officers with your concerns:

NYPD Neighborhood Coordination Officers – 28th Precinct
Gregory Thuesday

Ahmed Aly

NYPD Neighborhood Coordination Officers – 32nd Precinct
Pearse Canavan

Peter Diviesti

NYPD Neighborhood Community Affairs Officer – 25th Precinct
Officer Rivera (25 precinct),

Now open 5 days a week! The Harlem branch is at 9 W.124th Street.

Free Wifi

  • At the Library
  • Marcus Garvey Park amphitheatre (limited free elsewhere in the park)

See our Community Calendar for dates of Community board and precinct meetings.

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