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We are the LenoxFive 127th Street Block Association (the “LenoxFive BA”), located on West 127th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Malcolm X (Lenox) Avenue in Harlem, New York.

The LenoxFive BA is organized to build civic betterment, community pride, and pool the talents and resources of our residents for mutual social and economic benefits. These are the things we hope to do, and do well:

  • Provide a safe and unbiased forum for the community to collaborate to address public safety and quality of life concerns (for residents, businesses and visitors);
  • Work with block residents, condo boards, community groups, elected officials, and city agencies to inform residents on issues important to our neighborhood;
  • Preserve and enhance the beauty of our neighborhood; and
  • Support and celebrate a diverse and inclusive community; and respect its history.

… and have fun doing so.

Live or work on the block and want to join us, or just have questions? Please contact us at lenoxfive127@gmail.com.

Our bylaws are available here.

4 Responses to About Us

  1. Katharina Wilson says:

    Hi Block Association.
    Thank you so much for everything you are doing, it is very energizing to see how this association has taken off! You guys rock!
    I have a suggestion (this is probably not the right section, but I wasn’t sure where else I would put this up): It may be interesting to reach out to the owner of the Harlem Bespoke blog and start a conversation with the guy. He is doing such a fabulous job informing Harlemites about what is going on in our neighborhoods and I think he is always looking for input from communities in Harlem.

  2. Jennifer Roussel says:

    Katharina, that is a great idea! That blog is so helpful. I love it when he features something happening on our block. Once we have some news to share, we should definitely reach out.

  3. lenoxfive127 says:

    Excellent idea Katharina. Harlem Bespoke is a great neighbourhood blog. Would be great exposure for the block and our news, and good content for them.

  4. Katharina Wilson says:

    Here is a great example of what a block association can do:

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