Membership Committee


  • Grow overall membership of the Block Association
  • Encourage dues paying membership
  • Promote membership engagement (monthly meetings attendance, committee memberships, event and project volunteers)

Current Activities:

  • Tracking attendance at BA meetings and events
  • Tracking dues paying members
  • Sending welcome emails to new and existing block residents who have reached out to the BA for more information

12-Month Goal for 2016:

  • Increase average BA meeting attendance by 25% (from 32 to 40)
  • Increase BA dues paying members by 25% (from 36 to 45)
  • Gain a better understanding of each building on the block by reaching out to members to volunteer as building captains.

We hope the results of this activity will not only grow our membership and encourage greater engagement among our members, but also provide better communication to residents of the block and identify specific needs and concerns.

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