The Block Association’s activities are organized around Committees – which are open to all block residents. Visit the Committee page to learn more and sign up.

These are:

The Community Liaison Committee

Membership Committee

The Social Committee

The Web and Online Charter

2 Responses to Committees

  1. 65 West Tenants Association says:

    Morning and wishing all well….it has been brought to the attention of the tenants of 65 West 127th Street that the tenants of the private homes are dumping their garbage in our trash cans…we have witnessed it w/our own eyes the owners and their guest are doing it…it’s unfair, unsanitaryunacceptable behavior…the people come and just sneak and throw it how they want to STOP IT…we pushed very hard to have our building beautified and we WANT THE DUMPING TO STOP NOW OR THE BUILDINGS AND OWNERS WILL BE REPORTED TO 311 and you will Be FINED…

  2. lenoxfive127 says:

    Hi – I will forward your comment to the BA google group (lenoxfive127[at]googlegroups[dot]com and cc. you.
    An email to the google group will probably be more visible to all members than a comment on the website.

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