Throw back… (Friday)?

Courtesy of Harlem Bespoke (and hat tip to block member/board member Reggie Chambers).

Who knew? Our Neighborhood Place, the community space on our block, used to be a speakeasy. The photo below is Harlem circa 1932. Read more at Harlem Bespoke.

photo credit: Harlem Bespoke

And now….

photo credit: Google Maps


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2 Responses to Throw back… (Friday)?

  1. anne says:

    Very interesting. But it is not a community or a neighborhood place now. The garden has been locked and barred forever. What gives?

    • lenoxfive127 says:

      Very true Anne. Hopefully, we as a block community, will be able to work together to get it back open and available to the community. Stay tuned…

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